Health Informatics Career Pathways Project Survey

A career pathways survey as part of the Building a Digital Ready Workforce programme

is now open. We would like to invite those who self-identify as part of the health informatics (non-clinical) workforce to participate. You need to be working within or actively seeking work within health and social care throughout the UK and Ireland. We would be grateful if as many of you as possible could complete this survey as more responses mean more insight. Please also share within your own networks (you can follow the Project Lead @AashaCowey on Twitter if that’s easier – retweets will help too!).

So why are we doing this? Health Informatics is a relatively new profession without formal career pathways and few training programmes. This project will research current and potential career pathways for those aiming to become future leaders in health informatics. This research will be key to understanding how we can attract and develop health informatics leaders from the start of their careers.  It will focus on skills, job roles, the motivations and expectations of those entering this area, the reflections of those who have reached CIO or similar posts, and anyone in between. We hope to use this survey to understand any themes including the development of a career pathway heatmap. 

Understanding this better is important so we can support the next generation of health informaticians (some of which may be school or university leavers) alongside supporting the profession and progression of the workforce as a whole. Failing to do this, the risks include staff leaving the workforce, languishing in unhelpful positions or not put their skills to good use. In some cases this includes the NHS losing those it has invested in through targeted programmes and schemes. Additionally, health informatics has an increasing risk on patient safety as organisations become more reliant on digital; so there is a need for the profession to be taken more seriously.

So please get involved, please share, tweet, email around your networks etc!  Feel free to get in touch with any questions. We plan to have the survey open for 3 weeks initially. Thank you!

*Please note we have used the term “health informatics” throughout but we appreciate different terminology may be in use.

Access the survey here: