Back @ the EPR Arms: February 2019 Time for a change

“If we always do what we always did, then we will always get what we always got.”

Back @ the EPR Arms: February 2018 An Anniversary or two

‘Pint of your best mild please kind landlord. It’s been a busy day.’

Back @ The EPR Arms: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”.

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I’d been doing this pilgrimage to the EPR Arms for decades now and you could almost measure how many pints of badgers I’d sunk by measuring the stretch marks on my six pack. (Party seven if truth were known!)

I was thinking about an earlier life I’d had – as an Information Manager in the hospital across the road. We thought we would have an electronic patient record by now, thirty years on and, apart from my aching back and knees, relatively little has changed. But now things are moving at a pace.

Back @ the EPR Arms: December 2017 A Christmas Record

A Christmas Record

Approaching the EPR Arms on a starry, starry (twinkly, frosty) night.

’ ……and a partridge in a pear…’

The door opened and shut again.  I walked closer.

‘……...five gold rings, Four calling….’

Shut again. Lots of comings and goings tonight. Open………

and a partridge in a pear tree’.

I held the door opened and this time heard all the remaining days of the twelve days of Christmas.


Back at the EPR Arms: Quality is key

Back at the EPR Arms: Quality is key.
‘By ‘eck its warm Sal!  I’m glad I ditched the heels for flats I tell you. In fact, I was tempted to put me flip-flops on tuneet.’
‘Whoa Whoa. It’s not that hot tha’ knows’.

Back @ the EPR Arms: September 2017 Finding stuff and understanding it once you have

Another night in the EPR Arms. The sky achieving a darker, dusky hue when another Hugh walked in through the main door.

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