NCCQ Successful Candidates - September 2018


Congratulations to the following candidates who were successful in passing the National Clinical Coding Qualification Examination held on 25 September 2018.


Overall distinction in both papers at the first time of sitting while attaining one of the top ten highest marks and winners of the Monmouth Award:

Luci Blair ACC

Emma Daley ACC

Rebecca Glazsher ACC

Rachna Mathur ACC

Juliette Radford ACC

Susan Saville ACC

Laura Stafford ACC

Dianne Tayles ACC


Candidates who achieved a pass:

Francis Adams ACC

Tina Adams ACC

Peter Anderson ACC

Carole Argyriadis ACC

Catia Aveleira ACC

Gurdeep Bains ACC

Sally Ball ACC

Lauren Brannen ACC

Julie Cardoe ACC

Ching Wan Chan ACC

Benjamin Clark ACC

Donna Cooper ACC

Stacey-Louise Corfe ACC

Rachel Costello ACC

Alison Cowern ACC

Eileen Cronin ACC

Claire Victoria Cropper ACC

Charlotte Crown ACC

Michael Davies ACC

Tsvetelinka Mitkova Dingwall ACC

Leonie Dransfield ACC

Harshitha D'Souza ACC

Cheryl Fox ACC

Andrea Gabor ACC

Rhys Grooms ACC

Adrian Hall ACC

Tehmina Tahir Hanif ACC

Emma Hutchinson ACC

Julia Kenyon ACC

Beth Kyle ACC

Elizabeth Mack ACC

Nassiba Meziane ACC

Muniba Naeem ACC

Ogechi Okere ACC

Lauren Omand ACC

Amy Potts ACC

Debbie Pringle ACC

Srividhya Rajagopal ACC

Greg Rowe ACC

Kelly Rutherford ACC

Zorica Samardzic ACC

Philip Saunders ACC

Loni Shaffi ACC

Alison Smith ACC

Sharon Smith ACC

Joshua Somerville ACC

Lovedeep Taggar ACC

Gauri Tapasvi ACC

Katarzyna Tomczyk ACC

Kirsty Vaughan ACC

Vineetha Vimal ACC

Samantha Warner ACC

Deborah Youll ACC