Health Insights June 2017


Jane Dwelly, Director of Strategy, HIMSS UK opened the Spring/Summer series of Health Insights. The series began in Manchester and is travelling to Birmingham, London and Leeds throughout June. This is the first series Jane has chaired since taking up her post with HIMSS UK.

Jane explained how she has called this Health Insight Series ‘Data Saves Lives’ and that the series was delivered in collaboration with Connected Health Cities, a £20 million, three-year pilot project funded by the Department of Health.

There are four Connected Health Cities (CHC) in the North of England. They are in Greater Manchester, North East and Cumbria, North West Coast and Yorkshire. The CHC hub is based in Manchester.

Dr Julia Reynolds PhD, Associate Director at the Innovation Agency CHC, which is the Academic Health Science Network for the North-West Coast, was next to present. Julia’s presentation was about empowering patients through data – the promise vs. reality. She informed us of the three aims of CHC which are:

  1. To improve and optimise the health and social care system to deliver better care, by providing actionable information to inform decision making at all levels

  2. Establish a social contract with the population that gives license to use healthcare data for the public good

  3. Accelerate business growth in the digital health sector for the benefit of the North of England.

Julie leads programmes in Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke Prevention, which includes personalised medicine and empowering patients to self-manage.

Debbie Parkinson, Patient and Public Involvement Lead CHC highlighted how CHC are engaging with patients with COPD, Epilepsy and Alcohol issues.

She raised the issue of how in the NHS health records are not shared between organisations. She is passionate about the sharing of data between organisations delivering care.

She shared a video clip explaining how sharing your records between health and social care organisations can make a difference to patient care and wellbeing. The link is provided below if you wish to view this.

She also gave us a demo on the devices CHC are promoting – such as a mobile ECG and a AF detection device and a trip and falls mobile app.

Next, we heard from Dr Masood Ahmed, Medical Director Healthcare and Life Sciences, NTT Data Services whose presentation focused on the question – How can we accelerate value based healthcare and embrace population health management?

John Rayner, Regional Director HIMSS Analytics, HIMSS Europe and HIMSS UK delivered a presentation on using international analytic standards to measure digital maturity in all health settings. John is responsible for overseeing the European division for HIMSS Analytics, including the global assessment models such as EMRAN (EMR Adoption Model) and CCMM (Continuity of Care Adoption Model) and DIAM (Digital Imaging Adoption Model).

Sheila Stewart, Associate Director of Informatics, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust delivered a presentation on challenges and opportunities of being Global Digital Exemplar Trust.

Ruth Norris, Research Programme Manager, and Sarah Al-Adely, Data and Technical Communications Officer, The University of Manchester’s Health eResearch Centre closed the presentations on team science: collaborate, share, reproduce and repeat.